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I have discovered that I enjoy creating graphics, and since I cannot possibly use everything that I create, I would like to offer the use of them to you for your non-commercial web site. The only thing I ask of you is that you:
  • Upload the graphics to your own server. Do not link from here.
  • use one of the logo's in the Banners for Links and link back to
  • Do not claim these as your own, do not add them to any graphic collection
  • If you want graphics for a commercial site, please Email me, for some of the graphics need special linking in that case.
Thanks, and enjoy!!

I didn't think I needed to add this since there was a no right click on this page, but this webset is a signature set and is not part of the shareware that is on the rest of the site. This set was created exclusively for Castle Graphics so please leave it here. If you would like something similar, you are welcome to contact me and we will work something out. Thank You.


My Precious granddaughters sent me this suprise this morning (4/24/2003) Thank you my sweethearts!

AmeliaAmelia's Adoption Certificate
I adopted Amelia from FancyBear's Adoption Palace and she is going to watch over the place for me.

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